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2018 October Field Trip 

Chilliwack Valley: Birding And Fungi

Friday October 13, 2017:
Fernando Selles of CFN and Al Grass of LFN led this trip. After meeting at the Vedder Park parking lot at 9 am, participants carpooled down the Chilliwack Valley Road. Outfitted with lunches and snacks, cameras, binos and warm dress, the trippers saw an array of mushrooms and forest birds. A happy crowd headed home around 2 pm. Thanks Al & Fernando


Salmon Trip Saturday October 28, 2017: Apparently Margaret and I didn't read our email Sears and no one was there. So Melody, Margaret and I checked out the Sears sale and then went to Angel Wings down Chilliwack River Valley instead.   It was a beautiful day for a forest walk at Angel Wings and down the Centennial Trail. We saw Chum and Chinook spawning, cutthroat trout, dragonflies, and numerous mushrooms along the trail. After working up an appetite, we ate lunch at the Tractor Grease before returning to Chilliwack.

-Submitted by Lee Larkin

Hicks Lake Walk Sunday October 29, 2017

Bona and Helen enjoyed a walk around Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park instead of traveling to Weaver Creek. The trail sported new bridges making some areas safer while making other favourite resting spots inaccessible. The many hues of the fall leaves were magical in the autumn sunshine.