2017 Summer Trips

Skagit Valley June 1, 2017

Several CFN members joined naturalists form two other Valley clubs to drive to Ross Lake in the Skagit Valley. The day turned out to be fine after preceding rainy ones. Nesting violet-green and Rough-winged. swallows in the drill holes at Silver Lake carried nesting material. Whitworth Meadows had few butterflies but a white-bottomed, Bombus occidentalis, bumblebee that has a COSEWIC status of threatened was a observed.

Picnic Camp Slough June 20, 2017

With a beautiful June evening to entice members, a good number came & enjoyed a riot of flowering shrubs & singing birds at this 8-ha restored Wildlife Area. Four hardy members who stayed until dark were rewarded with flitting little brown myotis in the trees but none in the installed bat boxes. Thank you to stewards, Denis Knopp and Lee Larkin, for the tour.

Manning Park July 27, 2017

Six CFN members saw 17 different bird species in addition to pikas (Ochotona daurica) in a rocky area near the trailhead parking lot; quite an entertaining bunch. Despite the hot summer weather, because of the snowy winter and cold spring, the wild flowers in the moister areas of the meadows were just starting to get to their peak, and we were able to see a larger variety of species in bloom than we have seen in the past four or five years

Thank you Paulina Selles for leading, write-up & photo!

Browne Creek Wetlands August 22, 2017

An enthusiastic group walked the Kingfisher trail to the rattle of the resident bird on the day after the eclipse of the sun. Blackcapped chickadees called from butterfly bushes that are actually invasive but have perfumed blooms attractive many insects. The blooming late summer flowers mostly blue flax & tansy are also invasive. Equestrians shared the woods with us. After the walk we picnicked under the chestnut trees in our hostís, Jack Jackamanís, lovely yard and enjoyed a cup of tea. Thanks Jack!