McDonald Dyke Abbotsford

February 21, 2015 - 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Chilliwack Field Naturalists Field Trip

Six observers

 List of birds seen or heard:

Double-crested cormorant (DCCO)

Belted kingfisher (BEKI)

Mallard (MALL)

Rock pigeon (ROPI)

Canada goose (CAGO)

Northwestern crow (NWCR)

American wigeon (AMWI)

Stellerís jay (STJA)

Green-winged Teal (GWTE)

Downy woodpecker (heard) (DOWO)

Northern pintail (NOPI)

Black-capped chickadee (BCCH)

Bufflehead (BUFF)

Pacific Wren (PAWR)

Common merganser (COME)

American robin (AMRO)

Hooded merganser (HOME)

European starling (EUST)

Great blue heron (GBHE)

Yellow-rumped warbler (YRWA)

Red-tailed hawk (RTHA)

Dark-eyed junco (DEJU)

Bald Eagle (BAEA)

Song sparrow (SOSP)

  Weather: Bright & sunny / wind from east ~20 km/h near noon / temperature ` 10 degrees Celsius

Five CFN members and one guest walked the dyke from the parking lot to about a kilometre past the historic tobacco drying huts.  It took us a while to i.d. the YRWA and to pick out the NOPI in the field. A delicious lunch and browse around the old-fashioned Clayburn Tea Room followed the trip.