Browne Creek Wetland August 28, 2018

After a rainy few days, the sun shone for our summer picnic.  Three of us met at 11 AM to walk the trails of this restored area on the South shore of the Vedder River.  Riparian shrubs and trees planted about 5 years ago have formed an impressive strip along the salmon spawning channel.  There were several dog walkers, horse riders and a wedding in the park.  However few birds were observed but we did see or hear a great blue heron, a raven, a crow, a frog, whirligig beetles, a kingfisher, flycatchers, goldfinches and mallards.  After eating lunch on a streamside bench we met a fourth member at Chestnut Springs Cafe in Yarrow for coffee.  Jack Jackaman, who usual hosts our summer picnic was lunching there.  All of us had a fine chat together.

Marg, Janet and Janne enjoy Browne Creek