Chilliwack Check List

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Chilliwack Field Naturalists 116th CBC CHECKLIST


Date: December 19th 2015________   Party hours:  By Car____________   On Foot____________

Area:_______________________  Party Kilometers: By Car___________   On Foot____________

Leader:____________________ Observer: __________________Recorder: _________________

Other Observers: _________________________________________________________________

*Fill out a rare bird form and get a photo if you can!




Greater White-fronted Goose



Snow Goose (white form)



Cackling Goose



Canada Goose



*Mute Swan



Trumpeter Swan



Tundra Swan



Wood Duck                    






Eurasian Widgeon



American Widgeon



*American Black Duck






Northern Pintail



Northern Shoveler



American Green-winged Teal









Ring-necked Duck



Greater Scaup



Lesser Scaup



Scaup Species



*Harlequin Duck



*Long-tailed Duck






Common Goldeneye



Barrow’s Goldeneye



Hooded Merganser



Common Merganser



*Red-breasted Merganser



*Ruddy Duck



Duck sp.



Ring-necked Pheasant



Ruffed Grouse



*Sooty  Grouse



*California Quail



Common Loon



Pied-billed Grebe



Horned Grebe



*Red-necked Grebe



*Eared Grebe



Western Grebe



Double-crested Cormorant



Great Blue Heron



*Great Egret



Green (Backed) Heron



Turkey Vulture






Bald Eagle (adults)



Bald Eagle (Immature)



Northern Harrier



Sharp-shinned Hawk



Cooper’s Hawk



Northern Goshawk



Accipiter sp.



Red-tailed Hawk



Rough-legged Hawk



Golden Eagle



American Kestrel









Peregrine Falcon



*Prairie Falcon



American Coot



*Sandhill Crane






Spotted Sandpiper









Wilson’s Snipe



Mew Gull



*Ring-billed Gull



California Gull



Herring Gull



Glaucous Gull      New 2013



Thayer’s Gull



*Slaty-backed Gull      New 2012



Western Gull



Glaucous-winged Gull



Gull sp.



Rock Pigeon



*Band-tail Pigeon



Eurasian Collared-Dove



*Mourning Dove



Barn Owl



*Western Screech-Owl



Great Horned Owl



*Snowy Owl



Northern Pygmy-Owl



Barred Owl



*Great Gray Owl



*Long-eared Owl     new 2013



Short-eared Owl



Northern Saw-whet Owl



Anna’s Hummingbird



Belted Kingfisher



*Red-naped Sapsucker



Red-breasted Sapsucker



Downy Woodpecker



Hairy Woodpecker



Northern Flicker (red shafted)



Northern Flicker (yellow shafted)



Pileated Woodpecker



Northern Shrike



*Black Phoebe     new 2013



*Hutton’s Vireo



Steller’s Jay



*Blue Jay



*Western Scrub Jay



*Black-billed Magpie



American  Crow



Northwestern Crow



Common Raven



Horned Lark



Black-capped Chickadee



*Mountain Chickadee



Chestnut-backed Chickadee



Red-breasted Nuthatch






Brown Creeper



Bewick’s Wren



Pacific Wren (Winter)



Marsh Wren



American Dipper



Golden-crowned Kinglet



Ruby-crowned Kinglet



*Townsend’s Solitaire



*Hermit Thrush/Catharus sp.



American Robin



Varied Thrush



European Starling



American Pipit



*Bohemian Waxwing



Cedar waxwing



*Orange-crowned Warblr new  2011



Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon’s



*Wilson’s Warbler



*Western Tanager     new 2012



Spotted Towhee



*American Tree Sparrow



*Chipping Sparrow



Savannah Sparrow



Fox Sparrow



Song Sparrow



*Swamp Sparrow    new 2012



Lincoln’s Sparrow



White-throated Sparrow



*Harris’ Sparrow



White-crown Sparrow



Golden-crowned Sparrow



Sparrow sp.



Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco



Dark-eyed (Slate –colored) Junco



*Lapland Longspur      new 2012



*Black-headed Grosbeak



Red-winged Blackbird



Western Meadowlark



Yellow-headed Blackbird new 2010



Brewer’s Blackbird



Brown-headed Cowbird



*Pine Grosbeak    new 2012



Purple Finch



House Finch



Red Crossbill



Common Redpoll



Pine Siskin



American Goldfinch



Evening Grosbeak



House Sparrow



------ New Species ------




























Total Individuals



Total Species


All new species and ones with * need a rare bird form completed to be an accepted record. (just the points you ID the bird by). 161 species were seen and accepted to date, with no species new last year.

There are no longer mandatory fees but if you could donate $5.00 I will pass it on to Bird Studies Canada.