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Audubon Christmas Bird Count map



Tuesday December 4, 2018 

Come out to join a team & to view a show on birds usually seen

Neighbourhood Learning Centre

46361 Yale Road, Chilliwack, 

  @ 6:30 pm 

History of the Count

The Christmas Bird Count began over a century ago when 27 conservationists in 25 localities, led by scientist Frank Chapman, changed the course of ornithological history.  On Christmas Day 1900, the small group of conservationists posed an alternative to the “side hunt,” a Christmas day activity in which teams competed to see who could shoot the most birds and small mammals.  Instead, Chapman proposed to identify, count, and record all the birds they saw, founding what is now considered to be the most significant citizen-based conservation effort and a more than century-old institution.  

Harrison River Count 

Monday December 17, 2018


Harrison Post Count 

December 17th, 2018

Jack's Restaurant 

7205 Pioneer Ave, Agassiz  

@ ~ 4:30 to 5 PM

Order from the menu

Harrison Bird List


Chilliwack Count

  Saturday, December 15, 2018 


Chilliwack Post Count Pot Luck

December 15th, 2018

Place: Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve 

doors open @ 4:30 PM 

dinner @ 5:30 PM

Tea, coffee and juice & cups provided

Bring a food dish, your own eating utensils and plates

Disposal plates, forks etc will be available but we like to be sustainable

Chilliwack Bird List


Abbotsford Count

TBA December 2018


Post Count

Mandarin Garden Buffet Restaurant

101 – 31549 South Fraser Way 


Order from the menu or 

enjoy the buffet 

Arrive when you've finished your count area


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