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Field Trip FAQ  2018 -19

Dear Naturalists,

For your information, I am attaching a list of the field trips planned until February 2019. Additionally, I included a couple of field trips organized by the Langley Field Naturalists. Members of our club routinely join in their field trips.
If you are wondering why all trips are on weekdays, it is because the people leading these trips are not able to do so on weekends, or because some sites are popular gathering areas, and it is difficult to observe wildlife with too many people disturbing them.
If you know a place that you think it is interesting to visit, please send me a note, with the understanding that members proposing a destination will be required to lead the trip.
Do not fear to be a trip leader, your role is to receive the calls, or e-mails, of members wanting to join the trip, meet them at the meeting point, ensure that all participants sign the trip form, and just show the place to where you are taking them.
All the trip notices will be sent by the trip coordinator (myself) based on the details you provide me, and I will prepare the trip forms for you.
Just a reminder that you are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, take water and, if required, take snacks or a lunch.
For all the trips, the meeting point is at the southwest corner of the Chilliwack Mall, in what used to be the Sears parking lot.
Cheers, and hope to see you all on our field trips. They are always fun.
Fernando Selles
45365 Labelle Ave