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Marine Mammal Rescue Centre July 28 2018

Two carloads of CFNers traveled to the Vancouver waterfront on a warm July day to visit the marine mammal rescue centre.  As we arrive a bit early for our 11 AM entry we had time for the younger members of our group to enjoy the playground and water park and for the others to explore the waterfront near Canada Place.  We met our guide at the rescue centre gate and everyone had to walk through the biosecurity foot baths.  The 82 harbour seal pups in residence are very susceptible to infection.  The pups, housed in big blue plastic tubs, were not to be touched, photographed or looked at in the eye.  Pups were tended by a team of enthusiastic summer students supervised by Vancouver aquarium professionals. A tour of the hospital and the kitchen taught us the sophistication needed to rehabilitate and release marine mammals . One of our younger members wanted to know how to "talk seal" and declared he would volunteer there when he grew up. Some of us stayed in Vancouver to dine while others visited Clayburn store and soap shop on the way home.

Kitchen Building

Some CFNers

Everyone needs to go through the Footbath

Spill Response tug in the Harbour