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Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Lee and Denis’ home, Chilliwack

7:00 pm

Attending: Scott Denkers, Denis Knopp, Lee Larkin, Janne Perrin, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah, Helen Turner.

  1. Call meeting to order at 7:20 pm
  2. Minutes from the previous meeting – Motion for adoption by Scott, seconded by Lee and approved by the executive.
  3. Approval of the agenda – Approved
  4. Business Arising from previous minutes
    1. Field trips – Fernando reported Burnaby Lake this coming Monday, April 8th, led by Fernando and Paulina. Hope Airport will be on April 15th also led by Fernando and Paulina and Hope Kawkawa trip on May 25th led by Scott.
    2. Speakers – Lee reported April speaker will David Manning on vultures. Janet or Paulina (if Janet’s not up to it) will check with David on hotel booking.
    3. Bird Brochure – Fernando will be looking at software for the brochure. Fernando found the number with Liz Walker, Delta Naturalists, and will give her a call.
    4. Camp River Wildlife Area – Denis had a meeting with Tobias Roehr and went for a walk around Camp River Wildlife Area. Tobias is going to be here in June to talk with us. Fernando made the point that a buffer zone should be enforced for farming near watercourses. The fishing community would be good allies for support of the buffer zone idea. Invite Langley Field Naturalists to our June 18th club picnic at 5:30.
    5. Club Elections – Rose volunteered to help Janet out with membership.
    6. Website – Janne talked to Teegan from Nature Canada about the website. Teegan said she’s not a technical person, but said the first thing we must know is the purpose of the website. Also, who is the intended audience. We get about 100 site hits per month. The executive agreed that the website is looking great and fine for now, but sometime down the road a completely re-worked website would be desirable to attract new members. Janne will look into getting the visit counter re-installed on the website.
  1. New Business
    1. Chilliwack Library Booth – We will be setting up our booth in the Chilliwack library sometime in April. Use the Sardis or Downtown Chilliwack library? The executive thought the downtown library would be most effective. Tuesday afternoons work best for Margaret and Helen, who volunteered to "woman" the booth. Janne will check with the library person to see what date works best.
    2. Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club – Notice of intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land for motorbike trails. Lee will write a letter of concern and will forward to BC Nature and provincial government. Denis has a documented list of protected species that would be impacted that can be included.
    3. Insurance billing – Looks like there will be changes to rates for membership dues starting next year. Janne will be checking with BC Nature on clarification regarding the email they sent.
  1. Reports
    1. Conservation – No report.
    2. Club Representative Report – Janne reported that Annabelle, our nominee for service recognition, has been approved by BC Nature. After some discussion, Fernando made a motion that Annabelle and her daughter will have their expenses paid by the club if they are able to attend the Federation AGM for the award presentation. Paulina seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
    3. Club Report to BC Nature – Janne wrote an article on the club’s activities in 2018 and sent it to BC Nature.
    4. Financial Report – Janet emailed the report as of March 31st to the executive before the meeting. Denis reported in Janet’s absence and moved for its adoption; seconded by Paulina. Passed unanimously.
        1. General Account $ 2,756.24
        2. Term Deposit (Val Whetter bequest) $10,000.00
        3. Camp River Account $ 4.12
        4. Equity Share $ 34.24
  1. Membership – Janet sent out a membership status report. Fernando noted that complimentary members don’t have voting privileges – should be 29 voting members (rather than 31).
  2. Memberships Number of Voting Members

    Family 7 14

    Individual 15 15

    Complimentary 2 0

    TOTAL 29

  3. Thanks to Lee for hosting!
  4. Next meeting – May 7th at Denis and Lee’s again! Start at 6 pm for Denis’ birthday and tour of the gardens. Business meeting will start at 7 pm for those who can’t make it at 6 pm. Bring food and beverage of your choice as desired.
  5. Adjourned at 8:45 pm


Submitted by Scott Denkers