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Minutes February 2019

Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fernando & Paulina Selles’ home, Chilliwack

Present: Scott Denkers, Denis Knopp, Lee Larkin, Janne Perrin, Janet Pollock, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah.

  1. Call to order – Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Denis.
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting – Motion for adoption by Scott, seconded by Janne & approved by exec.
  3. Approval of the agenda – Approved.
  4. Business Arising from Minutes
    1. Speakers – Joachim Boge will talk later this month on "Awe Inspiring Hikes." Istvan Orosi will give us a talk on North American Warblers at the March AGM.
    2. Field Trips – Fernando reported on upcoming field trips: Willband Creek Park, Feb 21st; Silverdale Creek Wetlands, March 19th (subsequently changed to March 21st); Burnaby Lake, April 7th (subsequently changed to April 8th); Hope Airport, April 15th. Scott will lead a trip in Hope late May and Denis Knopp and Dennis St.John are looking at doing an insect trip to the Skagit Valley in late May or early June. Fernando is still planning on evening walks in the summer and is looking for ideas. E.g. Cultus Lake, Thompson Park.
    3. Bird Brochure – No report.
    4. AGM – Paulina reported on the pizza from Jumbos for the AGM. Janet volunteered to do a phone out to check with people on their plans for coming. Cost will be a flat $10 per person. We will provide napkins, plates and coffee. Attendees should bring their own cups and silverware as needed.
    5. Cheam Gondola Company – Denis, Edna Hobbs was at the Chilliwack River Valley meeting. He has offered to help build (financially, I believe) some more environmentally-friendly roads/trails further down the slopes (into the Chilliwack River Valley) for motorized recreation to mitigate the damage done in the higher regions. We should make sure other outdoor interest groups are aware of this project. Lee will send us the letter she submitted voicing concern over the project. Janne will check with BC Nature to get an idea of what we can organize.
    6. Camp River Wildlife Area – No report.
    7. BC Wildlife Federation support letter – The letter has been signed and sent to Tobias Roehr. Denis plans on meeting him to clarify what the plan is.
  5. New Business
    1. Website Audit Report – We have broken links and realize the website needs updating. Janne followed up with a group called Red Academy to get work done on our website. They require a trip to Vancouver for a meeting. Janne will be following up with them after she checks to see what BC Nature has to offer. Much discussion followed on website development options.
    2. BC Nature Membership Program. Janet made a motion to change our membership renewal date to be March 1st to start in 2020. Seconded by Denis and approved by executive. We need one more person assigned to have access to the membership database. The Executive agreed that the Club Director would be the second person (currently Janne). Janet reported that there are 5 new members. Paulina stressed that it’s important to get them involved with the club. Check with Rose to see if she would like to be vice president. We need a membership secretary.
  6. Reports
    1. Financial Report – Approximate balances as of February 5th, 2019. Janet previously distributed the financial document and moved for adoption of the report. Seconded by Fernando and approved by the executive.
        1. General Account $ 2,783.71
        2. Term Deposit (Val Whetter bequest) $10,000.00
        3. Camp River Account $ 4.12
        4. Equity Share $ 33.17
    2. BC Nature Director’s Report – Janne reported that the federation is looking at a new organization model with different positions and position titles. For example, Club Directors will be called Club Representatives. The Federation is proposing new expenses reimbursement and Janne went over that. There is going to be a BC Nature Lower Mainland meeting and Janne asked to see if any others in the Executive would like to attend.
    3. Conservation – No report.
  7. Next meeting: March 5th at Janne’s home.

  8. Thanks to Fernando and Paulina for hosting!
  9. Adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Submitted by Scott Denkers