Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

@ Fernando and Paulina home, Chilliwack


  1. Call meeting to order – Present Helen Turner, Marg Trannah, Fernando and Paulina Selles, Denis Knopp, Lee Larkin, Janne Perrin. Call 7:05pm
  2. Minutes from the previous meeting and who will take them this meeting? Lee volunteered to take the minutes and moved approval of the minutes, Helen seconds, all in favour.
  3. Approval of the agenda – Denis moves agenda approval, Janne seconds, all agreed.
  4. Business Arising from previous minutes
  1. Speakers – Jenn Burt on kelp forest and sea otters, Fernando is our back up plan if the speaker does not show.
  2. Camp River Wildlife Area – Planting was discussed, pizzas ordered and paid for by Janne. Lee has juice, coffee, supplies, tent, information on pollinators and gardening with native plants for the public. The plants will be laid out Thursday 5 April 2018. Denis will also be erecting some bird houses on Thursday.
  3. Field Trips – Fernando, April 10th 9am to Wildbrand Park, lunch at Clayburn. Date for UBC Saturday May 19th confirmed. Meet 9am Sears SW corner of Cottonwood Mall or at the garden parking lot at 11am. A field trip to the Marine Mammal Rescue centre will be set up for late July by Lee. Fernando would like field trip attendants to call and confirm so that the field trip leader knows whether people will be participating.
  4. GBHNR Bird Course – Janne completed this at the Great Blue Heron Society. It was well attended 10-15 people, all very enthusiastic. Janne did a presentation with a slide show (provided by Greg) and then went outside to observe birds in the field. Her beginning birder course was well received.
  5. Newsletters – Next newsletter is prior to summer (quarterly). Send info you would like in it to Janne. Please send in short field trip reports and pictures.
  6. Website – working well, it has been up for 752 weeks. It is made with Front Page which is no longer supported. The website has 141 page loads this last month. Facebook has brought a new club member in. Executive would like Scott to explain how he does the large type and colours for posts in Facebook or does Scott prefer to control this.
  7. BCN updates – Janne discussed the Harrison Salmon Stronghold meeting and the participants, the IBA and the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) that was established in Harrison Bay area.
  8. Betty, FBCN requested the CFN Annual Report by April 23rd and Janne volunteered to send it in. The FBCN Vancouver conference on May 12th looks interesting. The FBCN Conservation group discussed the Go Bat program, cougars pursued by hounds, southern pod of whales protection, Water Protection Act and use of streams for livestock watering, letter written on South Cariboo Park, letter on the FLNROW wolf-cull, ALR policy, Robert Banks Port Development, letter to Site C, etc…Janne inquired whether our club sent in our FBCN certificates. Our Membership secretary will have to enter members directly into the FBCN database in future.
  9. UOT Survey Request – U of Toronto survey for outdoor clubs, completed by Janne.
  10. SCF Survey - Denis completed survey by South Coast Foundation sent to the club.
  11. Janet had brought up printing a bird pamphlet for club. Langley had a template our club could use. Fernando has a computer program that can set it up otherwise. We will start with a bird brochure and afterwards discuss creating other pamphlets (plants, butterfly, dragonfly, etc).
  1. New Business
  1. Bring new president up to speed on what he needs to know and do – Fernando suggest sending the meeting agenda out prior to the meeting and adding any issues at the meeting.
  2. Executive member’s tasks/responsibilities? Denis is President and Special Projects. Janet is Membership and Treasurer; Scott is Secretary; Helen is Past President. Directors – Janne does newsletter, Facebook, website and is FBCN director; Fernando and Paulina are the Field Trip Organizers; Marg Trannah contributes to discussions; Lee is Grants and Speakers; Annabelle is Conservation Director.
  3. Coffee at club general meetings organized - Lee will bring 1 coffee urn, tea bags and sugar and 2 coffee urns for May (as Paulina will be gone), Helen will bring a water kettle and juice, Janne will bring cream, Marg will bring goodies and a few napkins; Paulina will bring mugs and a flask of coffee.
  4. Kinder Morgan – Fernando discussed the hearings on segment 6 through Chilliwack. Only Yarrow land owners can go to hearing although not Yarrow City. Fernando cannot present at the hearings for the club again as those who have presented are not allowed to present again unless they are a land owner in the path of expansion. The City of Chilliwack last week stated they will go to the hearing. Fernando discusses UBC Jeremy Ruskin’s (?) video on oil sands debt investment (producing no returns to companies).
  5. Skagit Bird Blitz May 4th-6th – Janne and Denis are going. Denis will be presenting the slide show.
  6. Does CFN want to organize a World Migratory Bird Day event on May 12th – Denis will contact Gordon Gadsden, FVRD, to help and hold at Cheam Lake.

  8. BCN camp – Register opened March 20th for Nov. 22-25 for the Harrison Field Camp. This was advertised late by BCN and only a few people have signed up so far. It was supposed to come out in the BCN E-News last week but this has not been sent out. Janne is concerned that it may not fill.
  9. Complementary Insect Field Guide (fold out glossy pamphlet from Harbour Publishing) was received on behalf of the club by Janne after she was contacted by Harbour Publishing through the CFN website.
  10. EFVNK – upcoming events for the Kids group - Terry McIntosh leads trip up Tea Pot Hill April 14th 1-3pm; Pollinator Planting April 7 Camp River Wildlife Area, critter-scaping update at Cheam Lake Wetlands.
  11. AGM dinner – Fernando paid for guest ($17.31) and needs to be reimbursed.
  12. Fernando discussed the jetties in the Fraser Delta which are changing drastically. There is now a study on this, looking at tunneling under the jetties to create connectivity to the streams blocked by jetties in an effort to re-establish stream flow into the Fraser River.
  1. Reports – Treasurer, Membership, and Conservation people are not present.
  2. Next meeting – Tuesday May 1st, Lee and Denis, 47330 Extrom Road, Sardis BC 604-858-5141.
  3. Take Promontory Road uphill. Ignore the lower Extrom Rd sign (just after the housing) and continue on the pavement up the hill. Promontory Road changes its name to Thorton Road. When you reach the top of the hill, Thorton Rd will go down a small hill and come to a T-intersection where you meet Extrom Road. Turn left here onto the gravel road and take the first driveway on your left. There is a large wood sign at the end of the driveway.

    (If you mistakenly take the lower Extrom gravel road just after the housing development, the street numbers are confusingly wonky as you get near our house)

  4. Adjourned –Denis adjourned the meeting at 8:50 PM.