Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalist Club

August 29, 2017 Potluck Supper & Business Meeting 5:30 PM

Helen’s Housesit on Storey Ave, Chilliwack

Call to order at 7:05 pm

Minutes of the previous meeting – Scott moved for approval; 2nd by Lee Larkin and approved by the executive committee.

Approval of the Agenda – with added item and one correction.

Business Arising from the minutes

a. Cynthia Berg Daphne Solecki Award – Janne talked to Cynthia Berg and she happily accepted the club’s nomination and sponsorship for the award.

b. FGM Vernon – Janne will be driving with Cynthia Berg.

c. Information Board for Meeting – Fernando will be putting one together when he has the time.

New Business

d. Rental Facility – Janet booked our meeting room for the next year (Alumni Room) at a very reasonable cost of $236.96. Time changed for room reservation from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

e. Change of Meeting Times – Reminder that regular and executive meeting beginning time changed to 7:00 pm for both.

f. Coffee – Margaret proposed that coffee service at the regular meetings be dropped. Members discussed the idea of rotating responsibility for bringing pre-made carafes of coffee, creamer, etc. and one other person to bring goodies. The Selles said they could also bring a carafe of coffee to every regular meeting. Final details to be worked out at the next regular meeting. Helen agreed to be the new social convener.

g. Earthwise Society – Janet reported that a representative of Earthwise Society would like to come to one of our meetings to make a short presentation. It was suggested that the January meeting would be a good choice. Also, on Sept 17th Earthwise will be having an open house near Agassiz for anyone interested. Janne will be sending out information on the open house.

h. Upcoming Speakers†- Lee

i. September: Sharmin Gamiet – Sharmin said she “should” be able to make it as she will be returning from a trip on the same day. This sounded a bit worrisome to the executive, so the Selles agreed to have a back up presentation ready just in case.

ii. October: Colin Levings – Ecology of Salmon.

i. Camp River Updates – Someone was founf to be camping at the site. “No camping” signs to be put up, one on each gate. Denis talked about project possibilites at Camp River. Pollinator study may be a good idea. NatureKids came to us to see if we wanted their kids to do a project at the camp in early Spring. Sammy Penner of The Nature Trust can likely help out. Denis will coordinate with her.

j. Field Trips†– Paulina’s different idea: rent a van/driver and take club members to somewhere like Van Deusen garden or Reiffel or Weaver Creek. Denis isn’t keen on the Van Deusen idea as that would be more appropriate for a gardening club. We should explore ideas with the membership.

k. Newsletter – approval of draft. Mushroom field trip will be TBA. Lee will lead depending on Sharmin’s attendance (Centre Creek would be a good alternative). Lee is working on November speaker. Leave as TBA unless we hear back from Lee for a speaker. Janne will send out newsletter on Sept. 10th.

l. Website – Janne reported on costs.

m. Announcements from Fernando

i. Display at Cheam Lake Nature Fest - Sept 30th†from 10 am to 2pm at Cheam Lake Regional Park. Organized by Fraser Valley Conservancy and South Coast Conservation Program. The executive team could not identify anyone who can do it at that time.

ii. Vision for Salmon in the Fraser Valley workshop, Friday, September 22nd from 9:30am – 4:30pm. Location TBC. Organized by Watershed Watch and Lower Fraser Fisheries Association in partnership RainCoast Conservation.

iii. GBHNR Pub Night fundraiser. Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at Duke's Country Pub. 41582 Yale Road W. in Chilliwack.† Ticket cost $15.00 each and may be purchased at the reserve or at the door.

iv. Volunteers to work with Pearson Ecological to help with water monitoring work on Elk Creek and Hope Slough. There will be 10 days of work from fall to spring.

v. Someone contacted us and wanted to know about attending our September meeting.

n. Hope Mountain Centre Water Sampling – Scott wants to thank the six CFN members who volunteered their time with this year’s successful water testing project in the Skagit Watershed.


o. Financial – Janet reported on finances ending August 29th and moved for approval; seconded by Fernando and approved by executive. As follows:

i. General Account $ 2,065.01

ii. Camp River $ 5.59

iii. Membership Shares $ 32.22

iv. Term Deposit $10,000.00

p. Membership – next year membership fee will go up to $30 for single and $40 family memberships.

q. Conservation†Annabelle

i. Plastic trash going into the sea and devastating wildlife

ii. Vessel sound and speed results in negative effect on Whales

iii. Bees declining worldwide, partly due to neonicotinoid insecticides

iv. Imperial Metals not being charged as yet for the Polly Mine disaster

r. Nature Kids – See poster on Sept 2nd dragonboat event as distributed.

Next Meeting†October 3rd at the Selles – new start time 7:00 pm.

Thanks to†Helen for hosting.

Adjourn: 9:10 pm


Submitted by Scott Denkers