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Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

  1. January 10, 2017, 7:30 PM

Marg Tranah’s Home, Chilliwack, BC

Scott Denkers (via Skype), Janne Perrin (via Skype), Janet Pollock, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah

  1. Call to order – 7:40 pm
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting – Scott moved for adoption of minutes and Janet seconded; all approved.
  3. Approval of the agenda – Agenda approved with addition of item (5j).
  4. Business arising from the minutes
    1. West Coast Environmental Law Update – Fernando thanked all who helped with editing the document (and thanks to Fernando for all his work). The document was submitted on Dec 8th, 2016. Fernando will send a link for inclusion in minutes (below). There were quite a few submissions from industry and they wanted environmental considerations to be lightened up. No surprise there.  http://eareview-examenee.ca/view-submission/?id=1481231767.7249
  5. New Business
    1. NatureKids Update – Janne reported (Laurie unable to make it to the meeting). January Explorer Day – They are going snowshoeing to Manning Park with Hope Mountain Centre.
    2. AGM venue booking – The Executive agreed to hold the AGM at Rendezvous Restaurant. Eddie Gardner (Wild Salmon Champion) will talk about Sacred Salmon in the context of aboriginal traditions. He will offer a traditional First Nation blessing. Plan on meeting at the restaurant at 5:30 pm on March 21st. Blessing and supper to start at 6:00 pm. Janet agreed to call Rendezvous and book the event.
    3. Upcoming Field trips – Terry has resigned from the club. He will be missed. Janet will keep the field trip lists/waivers. A field trip is planned for February 25th to Wilband Park in Abbotsford, followed by a stop at Clayburn Village. This trip will be led by Janne. On March 26th, a trip is planned for the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack. This will be led by Janet.
    4. Camp River Update – This year is the 10th anniversary of coffee cutters! Fernando pointed out that "Slough" is a proper hydrological designation of a certain category of stream. Several members spent some time on Saturday working at Camp River.
    5. Upcoming speakers – April and May slots need to be filled.
    6. Christmas bird counts – Great sighting from Janet, who saw a long-eared owl at the Heron Reserve on the day of the Chilliwack CBC. Janne reported surprisingly good counts in spite of the weather.
    7. Membership – renewals and refunds (Janet) –
      1. Should we increase the membership fee this year or wait until next year? The executive decided to wait until next year.
      2. A member was been refunded membership dues as requested.
    8. Adopt-a-whale program (Janet) – Should we continue with the annual adoption? The executive unanimously agreed to continue with the adoption plan.
    9. Heron Herald – Janne confirmed changes to the next newsletter. With privacy concerns being expressed from the Executive, member phone numbers are to be removed the website and calendar (since it is published to the website). Janet is okay with leaving her contact information on the website for membership enrolment.
    10. Parkinson’s Society – The society contacted the club with a request for a presentation. The club can likely fulfill their request. Fernando will follow up with a call.
  6. Reports
    1. Financial report – Janet moved for adoption of the report, balance ending December 31st, 2016 and seconded by Fernando. Unanimously approved by the Executive with accolades to Janet for such a fine job done.
      1. General Account $ 2,093.33
      2. Swallow Project $ 523.75
      3. Term Deposit $ 10,000.00
      4. Camp River $ 5.59
      5. Class A Equity Share $ 31.43
    2. Conservation report (Annabelle) - absent
    3. BC Nature Update (Janne) –
      1. AGM in Lillooet coming up May 4-7. Book soon; registration is limited!
      2. Janne tried to get a report from the Nature Trust folks without success.
      3. Submission of resolutions – should we participate? Resolutions should address conservation issues. It’s very short notice; let’s consider for next year.
      4. Recognition for BCN members. Janne to follow up.
      5. Registration for BCN camps. Janne will be participating at Mitlenatch Camp on Quadra Island. Camp application registration openings are coming up. You need to be calling as soon as registrations open.
  7. Next meeting – February 7, 2017: Janet Pollock volunteered her home.
  8. Thanks to Marg for hosting tonight’s meeting.
  9. Adjournment – 8:54 pm.

Submitted by Scott Denkers