Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday June 6, 2017 - 7:30 PM

The Selles’s Home, Chilliwack

Present: Scott Denkers, Janne Perrin, Janet Pollock, Annabelle Rempel, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah, Helen Turner.

1. Call to order at 7:35 pm

2. Minutes of the previous meeting – Motion for adoption by Scott, seconded by Janet and approved by executive.

3. Approval of the agenda – Approved with additions.

4. Business arising from the minutes

a) Daphne Solecki Award. To be awarded in September at the FGM. Janne will be going to the FGM. Helen will be contacting the awardee to see if they can go. Helping pay for the awardee will be part of the award.

b) Ballam Road. The person contacting us didn’t get back to us after the club asked for more information. We will not follow up any more.

5. New Business

a) Cheam Wetlands – Yellow Flag Iris removal project needs volunteers for work on June 10th and asked the club for help. Janne plans to go out and help. NatureKids will also go out to help as a part of their Exporers Day. Janne noted also how bad the iris is in the Hope Slough.

b) Upcoming Speakers (Lee) – Sharmin Gamiet on mushrooms in September; Colin Levings on Salmon Ecology in October.

c) Field Trips – Club picnic at Camp Slough, June 20th at 5:30 pm. Manning Park field trip is planned for July, but date to be selected later to see what the flowering conditions are like. Paulina will be leading. In August we will be going to Jackaman’s, date TBA.

d) Camp Slough Updates – Lee and Denis away.

e) NatureKids – See 5a.

f) Newsletter – Next newsletter will come out in September. Field Trip leaders requested to submit report and a photo.

g) Website – Janne just paid the renewal fee for website hosting at $45.

h) Correspondence – Chilliwack screenings on the Call of the Forest.

i) BC Nature AGM – Meeting in Lillooet. Nicely organized event with a lot of interesting talks. Janne and Helen described their experiences at the AGM and went over the resolutions. Membership fee to increase by $2.00 in 2018.

6. Reports

a) Financial report – balances as of May 31st (circulated earlier)

1. General Account $ 2,582.18

2. Term Deposit (Val Whetter bequest) $10,226.03

3. Camp River Account $ 5.59

4. Equity Share $ 31.43

b) Conservation report (Annabelle) – Nature Trust of Canada purchase of large area of land on the Okanagan River for protection of species. Marine Conservancies needed for protection of marine species. Restriction on structures on ALR land. Full report available on the club website.

7. Next meeting _______, 2017: Place TBA

8. Thanks Fernando and Paulina for hosting

Adjournment at 9:20 pm

Submitted by Scott Denkers