Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday May 2, 2017 - 7:30 PM

Janet’s Condo on Chilliwack Central Road


Present: Scott Denkers, Janne Perrin, Janet Pollock, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah, Helen Turner.


1. Call to order: 7:40 pm

2. Minutes of the previous meeting: Motion by Scott, seconded by Fernando and approved by the Executive.

3. Approval of the agenda: Approved by the Executive.

4. Business arising from the minutes

a) Henk van Nieuwkoop Grade 6 Camp Slough Wildlife Area study – Inquiry was received what the white material is for. It’s for recording animal tracks.

b) Display board renewal – Fernando will be working on this. It will have the club’s name, website URL (in smaller print), the name of the current event/talk topic, next regular meeting topic and next field trip. It could be about 3.5 ft high and 2 ft wide. Text print should be large enough to be easily readable.

c) Member suggestion box – Paulina has the box and will bring to next general meeting.

d) Eddie Gardner for the Glen Davies Conservation Leadership Prize – Fernando reported it’s a no-go. Deadline has passed. Fernando couldn’t get the necessary information due to various reasons out of his control.

5. New Business

a) Daphne Solecki Award arrangements – Helen hasn’t been able to connect with the winner yet, but plans to talk to the person soon. The award will be presented in Vernon at the BC Nature FGM and the winner may need help with attending. Motion: Fernando moved that the Club sponsor the recipient of the award. Seconded by Janne; all in favour.

b) Ballam Road upgrades - Alexander Ritchie (Chilliwack) asked to meet with CFN to talk about "Ballam Road upgrades," but didn’t return info to Janne after she contacted him. The executive doesn’t know what this is about. Wait to see if he provides more info.

c) Upcoming speakers (Lee absent) – September, Sharmin Gamiet – mushrooms. October, Colin Levings - Ecology of Salmon. These events have been confirmed.

d) Field trips – May 6th to CRWA with Lee and Denis. Trip leaders for trips into August/Sept. and mushroom trip need to be confirmed with Lee. Manning Trip in July, date and lead TBA.

e) Camp River Update - Denis/Lee absent.

f) NatureKids – Going to Cheam Wetlands May 22nd with Gord Gadsden.

g) Newsletter – May draft sent out to Executive for review. It will be published soon. Next issue will be out in September.

h) Website – updated to include June info.

i) Echo Lake Logging threat – Very important roost for Bald Eagles and areas of ancient forest. Janne has been following up with communications with MLAs and petition and will send a message to CFN membership.

j) Mycologist Ideas – Scott asked for ideas on who might be a good fungi expert for Camp Squeah in June. They are looking for someone who could lead 4 fungi sessions for youth (2 hrs each). Possibly Cynthia Berg as she is an amazing youth educator. Janne will also check on the name of a mycologist that recently presented at the Abbotsford field naturalists club.

k) Fish Habitat Restoration – The club supports healthy fish habitiat – Janne will forward to the club membership.

l) Wells Gray Cariboo study – The club will support – Janne will forward to the club membership.

m) Meso-Carnivores research study in Wahleach Watershed – Letter of support requested. Exec supports this. Janne will get back to Lee as she was contacted by the researchers.

6. Reports

a) Financial report – previously circulated.

1. General Acct $ 2,047.18

2. Camp River Acct $ 5.59

3. Term deposit $10,113.80

4. Equity share $ 32.22

b) Conservation report (Annabelle away)

7. Next meeting June 6, 2017 at Fernando and Paulina Selles

8. Thanks, Janet, for hosting!

9. Adjournment: 9:30 pm

Submitted by Scott Denkers