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Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 7:30 PM


Janet Pollock’s Home, Chilliwack, BC  


Present: Scott Denkers (Skype), Lee Larkin, Janne Perrin, Janet Pollock, Annabelle Rempel, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Helen Turner


  1. Call to order: 7:35 pm
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting: Scott moved for adoption with edits provided by Janne and Fernando; seconded by Fernando and approved by the executive.
  3. Approval of the agenda. Approved by executive
  4. Business arising from the minutes

a)      West Coast Environmental Law final document (Fernando). An extension was made on the deadline for submission to the Minister of Environment (month and a half). Janne posted our submission authored by Fernando.

  1. New Business

a)      NatureKids update - February 11 – Cancelled due to lack of signed up youth (ed. note: the field trip was later re-estblished).

b)      AGM – Nominations / Rendezvous Receipts – We are booked for the Rendezvous Restaurant. They were happy we came back again this year! Nominations will be brought forward for offices by the following people:

1.      President – Helen Turner

2.      Vice-president – Janne Perrin

3.      Secretary – Scott Denkers

4.      Treasurer – Janet Pollock

c)      Field trips – Need a new coordinator. Janne is continuing to fill in the position. April 23rd – Field trip at Camp River; May – needs venue ideas; June 23rd butterfly trip with Jude Grass; July – Manning Park; Sharmin Gamiet, fungi expert, confirmed for September.

d)      Camp River update – photos requested for The Nature Trust book – Denis said he had sent some pictures to Samantha (TNT) and Janne sent a couple of pictures too. Lee reported on Camp River condition after the winter storms.

e)      Upcoming speakers (Lee) – Most speakers are confirmed for 2017. Waiting for confirmations for October and November speakers.

f)        Christmas bird counts (Denis) – Denis sent out CBC reports. Sounds like some people didn’t get the report.

g)      Membership update (Janet) – Membership numbers lagging! Still need payments to come in from several members.

h)      Information display at the library – Fiona St. John at the library wanted to know which shift we can do. The executive agreed to do the 12 - 3 pm time slot on April 22nd (Earth Day).

i)        Valley Voice – the person who runs the Valley Voice wanted to know if we wanted to advertise on his site. Janne will send his email address around in case any one wants to submit anything.

j)        Nature workshop ideas – How about butterfly/birding/native plant workshops? How much would we charge, $10? Where do we go? June? Need to get this organized soon if we’re going to do it. Fernando will call Dennis St John to see if a butterfly workshop is practical for this year.

  1. Reports

a)      Financial report (Janet) – We still have the swallow project money. Bev Ramey indicated we should keep it for possible follow up. Janne introduced a Motion to return the money to Nature Foundation; seconded by Fernando. The executive was good with that. Motion to accept financial report made by Janet, seconded by Lee. See complete financial report from Janet.

1.      General account $  2,093.33

2.      Swallow project $     523.75

3.      Term deposit $10,000.00

4.      Camp River $         5.59

5.      Equity Share $       31.43

b)      Conservation report (Annabelle) – Detailed report on website.

1.      Risks of the Pacific Future Refinery to process bitumen

2.      Zoo controversy – positive vs. negative

3.      Polly Mine disaster follow up

4.      New investment in BC Parks

c)      BCN (Janne) – awards nomination – idea for the Daphne Solecki award for Cynthia Berg. Janne organized and authored the nomination with the help of Helen and Laurie and it has been submitted. Thanks Janne for your work on this!

d)      Trailer insurance – a Motion was introduced by Lee that the club will cover the cost of trailer insurance; seconded by Janne. All in favour.

  1. Next meeting - March 7, 2017: Helen agreed to host.
  2. Thanks to Janet for hosting today’s meeting.
  3. Adjournment: 9:25 pm.


Submitted by Scott Denkers