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Minutes of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Executive Meeting

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Janet Pollock’s home, Chilliwack

Present: Scott Denkers, Denis Knopp, Janet Pollock, Annabelle Rempel, Fernando Selles, Paulina Selles, Margaret Tranah, Helen Turner.

1.      Call to order – Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Denis.

2.      Minutes of the previous meeting – Motion for adoption by Scott, seconded by Paulina & approved by exec.

3.      Approval of the agenda – Approved with a few additions.

4.      Business Arising from Minutes

a)      Speakers – No report.

b)      Brochure – Pamphlet for local bird identification. Janne will report on contact information when she can.

1.      Lillian Fuller 604 533 0638 / 604 290 8396 (cell)

2.      Another lady who knew a lot from LFN was: Kathy Masse 604 513 8927

3.      We need to find out: what program they used, what printing company, the cost, the number in the first run, how they contacted the schools.

c)      November Field Camp – 9 registered so far / a new write up will be in summer 2018 BC Nature Magazine / Betty will wait until August to cancel if not enough people sign up.

d)      Fernando put together a trip schedule and distributed to members for review and looking for suggestions. Change GBHNR visit to March sometime. Trip coordinator (Fernando) vs. trip leader who is willing to lead the trip. The coordinator should not have to feel compelled to lead all the field trips. The executive agreed that a message should go out to all the members to see if they have any ideas for field trips and speakers. Leave this for return of Janne and Lee. Some additional ideas mentioned at the meeting:

1.      Thacker Mountain (in Hope)

2.      Manning Provincial Park

3.      Bert Brink WMA (west end)

5.      New Business

a)      Denis will be in Vernon for the club picnic on June 19th. Who will chair the meeting? - Janne okay with being the leader. Note time will be 5 PM.

b)      Camp Wild - Sammy and new crew and Denis dug blackberry roots and one crew member weeded around the shrub and tree planting planted last fall.

c)      Education Committee rep – BCN wants someone to go to Science Fairs – contact Marg Cuthbert (see email Janne sent you from Marg Cuthbert). Janne will need to lead this discussion. Too little is known about this at the present time.

d)     Change mailing address in the Leisure Guide – should we and if so to whose address? Denis will talk to Janne about this when she returns. Also, we should include CFN’s email and website. Fernando will contact the city to see what can be done.

e)     New Membership Online Database – BC Nature is changing the way they are tracking membership. Janet volunteered to manage our membership list on BC Nature’s database.

f)       The executive agreed to remove the mailing address from the bottom of the Calendar of Events. Note change of year on the calendar.

6.      Reports 

a)      Financial Report – Approximate balances as of May 31st. Janet previously distributed the financial report and moved to adopt the report. Seconded by Annabelle.

1.      General Account                     $     764.93

2.      Term Deposit (Val Whetter bequest)     $10,000.00

3.      Camp River Account               $         4.81

4.      Equity Share                    $       33.17

b)      Membership – See previous notes.

c)      Conservation (detailed report available on website):

1.      Recent Kinder-Morgan pipeline protest in Chilliwack (some members attended).

2.      Protection of Karst landscape on Vancouver Island is needed after logging.

3.      Moose calves rescued.

4.      BC Timber Sales operations in an area of rare plant species.

5.      Endangered woodland caribou project.

6.      Loss of Selkirk caribou species.

7.      Current failure of politicians to protect the environment.

d)      Eastern Fraser Valley NatureKids – No report.

7.      Next meeting: Possible executive potluck on August 28th – Check with Janne. (Members’ picnic will be on June 19th at 5 pm.)

8.      Thanks to Janet for hosting!

9.      Adjourned at 8:50 pm.

                                                Submitted by Scott Denkers