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March 3 2016

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that our 12+ NatureKids group is a go ahead!

This group is a first of its kind in NatureKids' history and we have received enthusiastic support from the executive committee of NatureKids. They have allowed the provision that the older members may attend meetings without the requirement of parental supervision which means that you can drop your child off, sign the release form and go. 

We do not require that the older members come to every scheduled event, but hope they can make it to enough that they form a connection with their peers and feel invested in the projects we are working on. 

Please find attached a preliminary schedule for our program. The program is anchored around a shared stewardship project carried out at Woodside Riding School in Chilliwack  under the guidance and direction of biologist Greg Ferguson and Denis Knopp, BC's rare and endangered species specialist. Throughout we will focus on species inventory and habitat amendment. Jamie Gadsden will lead us in a bird inventory and in June we will begin building test plots for our study on hibernation in western toads directed by Greg Ferguson. In August, our group will lead members on a tour of the property and describe the work they have done which will count as a leadership project and may allow some of the members to earn their bronze level.  We're very pleased that alpinist Maxim de Jong will guide the kids to the summit of Needle Peak.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining this special group. We may meet at Woodside the third Sunday of each month, or any Thursday from 4:00-7:00 when the daylight hours are longer. Let us know which you prefer.


Laurie, Alena, & Mairi